Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne is becoming more and more in demand. Everyone who is conscious of their looks can achieve a great smile.We can help you achieve it by veneers, teeth whitening and minor straightening of teeth.

Veneers are small porcelain caps placed on the front surface of the tooth making them whiter and in perfect alignment. Veneers can also be made from the white filling materials to save you some money but do need maintenance in later years.

Teeth whitening is another way to make teeth look brighter and whiter if you don’t have any other concerns with your smile. Teeth can be whit lened in 2 ways.

The first is by the dentist which is known as chair side or in surgery. The procedure can last to about an hour and instant results are seen.

The other method is called home bleaching where a kit is provided by the dentist to you and you self-whiten teeth by following directions given. This is a more gentle process and takes up to a week.

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Straightening Teeth

If you have a few crooked teeth then we can provide you a small
appliance to correct these teeth before you think of whitening
or veneers. More complex cases may be referred to the specialist.