Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings are generally used to repair cracked or broken teeth by filling a cavity with a tooth fillings material. Also used in root canal therapy, dental fillings are used to help repair and save a tooth from further decay or damage.

Dental fillings can be of two types, first are the old silver or amalgam fillings. These fillings have been around for several years. Essentially, tooth fillings consist of metal particles, which are mixed with mercury and placed in cavities. Although there has been a lot of scare about mercury poisoning, the actual amount of mercury contained in these filling is very little and once the filling sets hard, there is no danger of “mercury leakage”. Silver filling last a very long time if done properly and are still done when strength is a concern especially in back molars.

The second type of fillings are White fillings. These are also most popular due to the cosmetic appearance of the fillings. Tooth coloured fillings look completely natural, restoring not only the strength of a tooth, but also its attractiveness. These filings, which are a paste-consistency comprised of resin type of material and ultra-fine particles of glass, are an ideal way to repair damage from cavities. Once a light is shone on the filling it sets hard to almost tooth like hardness.

Both these methods will require your teeth to be cleaned before applying the filling material. We also offer professional teeth cleaning Melbourne locations to improve your dental hygiene as well as your smile.