General Dental

Our general dental in Melbourne treatments includes everything from a simple check-up and clean of your teeth to more complex procedures like root canal fillings.

It is highly recommended to visit a dentist once every 6 months for a check-up and clean to ensure that the mouth is in a healthy condition. At this point small problems can be picked up and treated immediately without being very expensive.

We are very family friendly and encourage families to attend together. This helps build confidence in the younger children while the older siblings or parents are having treatment.

The young child’s first visit may not be much more than sitting in the dental chair and counting all their teeth but it is important to build this habit without fear or anxiety to the child.

Dental Fillings

Fillings in general are done with white materials called composites as they are less noticeable while we smile. However in some cases we can do silver fillings when the need arises for strength and longevity.

Teeth Extractions

Simple extractions are done in the dental chair with relatively simple numbing and tooth removable.
However if it is a wisdom tooth then it can be discussed whether you would like to undergo the procedure in the chair or in a hospital. If you prefer to have your wisdom teeth extracted in the chair then Dr Narayan can do it for you as he has completed further training in oral surgery to allow him to do this procedure. See our wisdom teeth page for further info.

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment or root canal fillings are an advanced procedure when it is determined that a tooth can be saved by taking out the nerves of the tooth and filling it from the root upwards. The procedure may take up to 3 visits to complete. The dentist needs to take x-rays to decide how long it would take to complete the procedure. Call us for a consultation.