Tarneit Smiles – Importance of milk teeth

Tarneit Smiles – Importance of milk teeth

Importance of Milk Teeth – Tarneit Smiles

Most parents believe that Milk teeth do not require any treatment as they eventually fall off. Lack of adequate care for Milk teeth is the root cause of frequent visits to a dental clinic with the aim of seeking relief from pain or ache that the child/baby complains of. Sometimes, the parents are amused when a dentist Tarneit suggests radiographs (X-Rays) and writes down a broad treatment plan to ease the pain and suggests a list of To Dos that will help preserve and protect the teeth in future. If you a parent, you may wonder whether your child should actually go through all this for Milk teeth, which will fall off eventually to be replaced by new set of teeth.

Really, it is important to care for the Milk teeth of your child. Perhaps, you reason that the Dentist can just prescribe some medicines for pain relief or just pull the tooth off. But, you might be missing an important fact about Milk teeth. For instance, all the body parts grow according to the functional and structural requirements. And Milk teeth, which are responsible for the development of habits of chewing, biting, swallowing, smiling, and speaking also carry out these functions till the age of 13.

The appearance of milk teeth, the falling off, and the replacement by permanent teeth are all a time-bound sequence. If there is any missing link or disruption in the chain of events, it can lead to problems in the permanent teeth. This could persist into adulthood and require more complicated dental care. Besides, not taking proper care of the Milk teeth can also interfere with the functions of speech, swallow, and smile.

Therefore, for the structural and functional harmony of the mouth till the age of thirteen, it is important that the milk teeth be well-cared for. Decay/cavity in them treated should be treated by a qualified Dentist Tarneit and dental care procedure should be followed as well.

There is no doubt that Milk teeth are important in a child dental development, and they should be well-looked after because a decayed, broken, or aching tooth will interfere with your child’s ability to chew food properly and therefore lead to inadequate nutrition in the formative years of life. But, adequate dental care will ensure a healthy and disease-free mouth, and which will further ensure the proper development of speech, nutrition, and adds the glitter of a beautiful smile needed for social interaction.

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