Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne

In some occasions a tooth has decayed so much that it is not possible to save it and has to be extracted or removed. Our dentists are highly experienced in performing these procedures and offer some of the best services in wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. The procedure for teeth extractions is quite simple for a normally grown tooth, where the dentist gives a numbing injection and slowly wiggles the tooth out.

Tooth Extraction Methods

Teeth extractions can be divided into simple and surgical.

A simple extraction is something that is less complicated and the tooth is quite easily removed as described above.

A surgical extraction on the other hand is something which requires some planning and is ideal for teeth which are severely broken down or not grown fully or are impacted like a wisdom tooth.

In this case first the teeth are cleaned using appropriate teeth cleaning process and then a small incision is made to expose more of the tooth and remove some bone which covers the tooth. Teeth may need to be cut in to smaller fragments to assist in easy removal. Stitches are placed to close the wound and instructions on how to look after the wound are given to the patient.

If you are early to contact your dentist with the problem, then you can save yourself the whole hassle of going through the process of teeth extractions, and only require dental fillings or root canal treatment.