Teeth Straightening

Orthodontics, which is the dental term for teeth straightening It can enhance a person’s self-image as the lips, jaws and teeth are proportionately aligned with a perfect smile being a part of the wide range of benefits. A “bad bite” can cause chipped teeth, speech impairments, tooth loss and other dental trauma.Avoiding these issues can lead to gum disease, chewing and digestion problems, bone damage and caries.

Nowadays, a lot of people get orthodontic treatment just to correct upper front teeth for cosmetic purposes before getting veneers to make teeth look whiter and better. This cosmetic orthodontics treatment costs much less and may take only 6 months.

With Quick Straight Teeth system (QST) , we can place clear brackets which are hardly noticeable. This type of treatment is mainly aimed at adults who wish to correct their front teeth only. Book in for a consultation to see if you are suitable !!!